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From the end of Faire. A few choice scenes.

I love Barbossa so much. He decided I should be Lady Admiral of the Vuglarian Royal Fleet. Of course, our navy consists of two men and a rowboat, but it's something!

And of course, our last weekend, we all became vampires for Halloween. Yes. Even the Vulgarians.

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Oh Edward. You wish you could be as sparkly as me.

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So. Remember when I said I wasn't going to be court?

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I'm a princess. The upside is that I get to play the dingbat princess I imagine all of them really are, so it's like I'm playing a parody and poking fun at all princess, and YES THIS IS HOW I REASON IT TO MYSELF SO THERE.

The King of the Vulgarians just really, really wanted me this year and...damn it. I like the people I'm working with, now. I'd really just rather be Scarlet again, and I'll probably go back to her next year, because farthingales are the devil incarnate,

For the moment? I'm having fun. And the boy is enjoying being back in the Barbarian Forest again.

Movie Time

So. Out of lack of anything better to do, I've gone to see two movies in the last couple of days: Inkheart, and Coraline.

Coraline, I have to say, was a bit of a bore. I love Neil Gaiman and his stories, but I don't think this one translated to screen quite as well. There were some interesting visuals at times, but I found myself wishing it would hurry up and resolve itself way too many times. Nightmare Before Christmas, this ain't.

Inkheart, on the other hand, surprised me with how much I ended up caring about the characters involved, as well as the premise itself (pulled off a lot better than Bedtime Stories seemed to, even in its trailers) which lead to a two hour discussion between Will and I as to what exactly we would read into existence if we could.

He'd pick up a history book or two and call up his favorite war generals and talk strategy for days. I'd pick up a game manual and get myself a chocobo. Or maybe Viktor Krum. But I digress.

I'm curious, now. You reading this right now, comment with what you would read into existence in our world, if you were a Silvertongue yourself.

Additionally, the trailer for the Dragonball movie made me laugh. I might go see it after all.
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A Very Simple Question

Q: Can Square Enix, after all they put the FF fanbase through, once again compel one to buy Advent Children, and not only that, also sell their overpriced New Gen system, on pure "need to have" impulse through copious amounts of fanservice?


Blood. Grime. Reno being sexy. NAKED REMNANTS. More sexy fights. And what appears to be Case of Denzel packaged in there as well. HELL YES I AM GETTING THIS. sad.
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I hate not having my laptop back yet. Grr.

Anyway, sickness has passed. Think it was the stomach bug my stepmother got, and just my luck, it seized hold a few days before New Year's. Like Hell that was stopping me from going to the Gypsy Revel at Great Wolf Lodge, because I WANT TO SEE MY FRIENDS DAMN IT.

Potter and Shelby ended up leaving me there to 'go to a club', which apparently means go hang out with Dan talking about rp til seven in the morning, so it's probably just as well. I shouldn't have been going with them in either case, in my state.

Instead, ended up talking with a very nice old veteran about religion, gypsies, war, politics, travel, and science fiction. Apparently the Northern Lights make noise. I did not know this. He was very good company, anyway, right up until he departed for bed.

I was then promptly rescued from solitude by a very friendly teenage girl and her little sisters, who proceeded to help me oggle the boys dancing so hard it's amazing they didn't burst into flames.

This little encounter also helped me realize something about myself I had never put much thought into. In the instances where I am given knowledge beyond that of a normal participant, some behind-the-scenes peek or knowing the process of whatever it is we are doing, my immediate instinct is to pretend that I know nothing. Or at least as little as those around me do. I will act surprised if you give me a gift I knew was coming. I will scream at a monster I knew was hiding just around the corner. I want to get caught up in the moment with everyone else, and if I act as if I know what's coming, it's not nearly as fun. It's better catching everyone else's excitement and going along for the ride like an oblivious dork. A shill, if you will. A plant. A willing pawn in the game. So long as it means fun, I'm absolutely compliant.

I say this because when she turned to me and started discussing the boys with me, I pretended I didn't know any of them. I was one of the patrons that night, I addressed no one as if I knew them (with the exception of Tibor, who is also half Punjab Indian and who squealed over my sari like a little girl), and I tried my damndest to ignore Will. Who with his potent glances my direction WAS NOT HELPING IN THE LEAST.

The girl noticed him constantly looking in my direction and giggled that maybe he liked me. I flushed and blustered, and that was all the excuse she needed to spend the rest of the night attempting to hook me up with my boyfriend. They even went so far as to ask him to dance with me. By midnight, she went away to bed, pleased as punch with herself that she'd hooked me up with this random hot guy, and you know, I really didn't have the heart to tell her the truth. Let her imagine she did her good deed for the day. There was no harm in it, was there?

We ended up at Teadosa's house. I use the term 'house' loosely, because this place is as close to a mansion as I've ever been in. Three floors and a basement. Third floor had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a reading nook on the stair landing, a living room, and a kitchen. Two chimneys downstairs, a study, a just went on and on. It was incredible. And not only was it huge, the parents are artists, so it was very eclectic in its decoration, which only made me love it more. I want that house when I get the money for one, damn it.

One of the gypsy boys, Sasha (Bruno, for those who read through the Bordello of Blood ordeal) proposed to his girlfriend that night, which was the most adorable thing I've ever seen him do. It's the only time I've ever seen him stumble over words. Priceless.

The parents made pancakes and muffins, and we were content to socialize until 3 in the morning, at which point I was already feeling worn out from my illness and ready to curl up and sleep.

Which would have been easier if I hadn't been woken up an hour later by a flying gypsy boy landing in my bed. No, it wasn't Will. He was already curled up next to me, asleep as well. Tibor, Cody (Toddy the Maniac, again, from Bordello) and Pov the drummer boy were all cavorting around, apparently on a mission to find a missing phone, and eager to play still at this ungodly hour. It's a sign of how tired I was that I grumpily threw three gypsy boys out of my bed, though it was likely a mercy to them, as Will would have done worse had they stayed.

So that was my New Year's. I snuck in a kiss at midnight while no one was looking, and felt well enough to enjoy myself, but as you can tell from my previous entry, it only lasted til I got home the next day. But really, all things considered, it's been one of the best New Year's I've ever had. So I can't really complain.

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Okay, parents? Specifically parents who think it's okay to let your little hellspawn whack the hell out of a person in a mascot costume without a single restraining motion or action?

You. SUCK. Take responsibility for your fucking offspring.

I went to this dinner for Down Syndrome kids today and got dressed up as a reindeer to take pictures and play with the kids. For the most part, it was awesome. One little tyke kept running back to give "his reindeer" hugs.

But these two little SHITS thought it was amusing as Hell to sit there and smack, prod, and poke at me with these little toys swords that some IDIOT saw fit to give them, and generally act retarded. The group of adults standing around at said point in time? Did NOTHING to hinder this activity.

I could never work as a professional mascot. Those little bastards nearly got themselves headbutted. Why is it so difficult for parents to do their job and PARENT THEIR FUCKING CHILDREN?